We are open systems in constant communication with the invisible world around us. Our thoughts, emotions, and physiology are all far more affected than we realize by the subtle vibrations of the people we live and work with and the environments we move through. For the most part, this experience is a daily stressor for us – but it doesn’t have to be that way! Jean Haner [1]

Nancy Rush

As spiritual beings having a human experience we are deeply affected by the energy of other people, spaces, technology, and stressors in the earth. As we interact with each one of these things, we come into resonance with their energy which can either support or deplete us. Because the world is moving at an incredible pace we are often distracted while our systems are overloaded and depleted, making it even harder to create the vitality, joy and happiness we so desperately seek.

Challenges and obstacles are a way of life, which prompt us to develop negative memories that we hold onto and ways of coping that don’t often serve us. These can block our spiritual development and connection and often serve as the foundation of the very things that get in our way, causing frustration, anger, sorrow, profound unhappiness, and more.

One cause of this is the accumulation of negative thoughts or emotions. Each time someone has a stressed thought or feeling a small energetic imprint of it is created. Over time, these imprints build up, eventually creating layers of energetic residue, like invisible house dust. As they accumulate, they begin to disrupt the natural flow of qi (energy), leading to stagnation or stuck energy. This is why some people or places don’t feel good or off balance in some way.

Another impact upon us is the effect of technology, which influences almost every aspect of our lives. It’s become so pervasive that it’s rare to find a space or land untouched in some way by electromagnetic (EMF) or microwave frequencies, which can have a detrimental effect on an already overloaded system. Dr. Andrew Weil, a holistic and integrative medicine guru, says that “EMF pollution may be the most significant form of pollution human activity has produced in this century.” This is significant, as EMFs are believed to contribute to just about every form of disease there is, and are linked to many other physical complaints, emotional disorders and mental conditions. (To learn more about EMFs read my blog post, “The Impact of Technology.”)

We are also affected by stressors in the land including fault lines, ley lines, naturally occurring underground water, and negative/positive magnetic fields. In some cases, we can benefit from the energy of these powerful influences. Often, however, the energy of them is out of balance or may be negatively affecting us, often without us knowing it, creating a low-level drag upon our systems.

There are many ways to cope with this systemic overload. Slowing down the pace of your day and taking time to connect with profound gratitude for what is working in your life, even when you feel like most of it is not, is one. Taking a bath with Himalayan salts can be transformative, purifying and grounding. Taking time to tune into nature or meditating are other ways to help. Setting aside some regular “me” time and unplugging from the news, social media, TV, and (horror!) your phone can be life altering – and yes, you’ll probably have to schedule it on your calendar to get it done!

Sometimes what’s needed is a simple letting go of things that you’ve held onto long after their purpose has been served. Because everything holds an energetic vibration it’s important to let go of things that you associate with a negative memory or experience or that just simply drag you down when you look at them like the clothes that just don’t fit well or the stack of clutter that’s taking up your office space – you get my drift. To borrow a phrase, “tidying them up,” giving them away or selling them can be liberating, just be sure to take your time in the process so you don’t become overloaded!

While helpful, these actions often can’t get to the root of the deeper underlying patterns and blockages that hold us back. In my experience, the one thing that has shifted the most in my life and those of my clients is energy clearing. It is an amazingly simple, yet very effective way to bring people, animals, buildings, land, and more back into balance by releasing stuck or stagnant energy. Clearing creates a healthy, vibrant flow of nourishing qi (energy) that gives people and places the ability to thrive in a harmonious way with ease and flow. Think of it as a way of wiping the slate clean, releasing that which no longer serves us in a profound way, freeing us up to step into who we long to be. And, the more energy clearing a person does the more balanced and resilient their system becomes.

Over the years I’ve seen the power of clearing affect so many people on a deep and transformative level – here are just a few examples:

“My work with Nancy truly brought light and hope during a time of doubt. Somehow I had lost my belief in Spirit. Yet, as soon as I connected with Nancy, that all changed. The process was easy and required only that I allow myself to be helped. Within 24 hours, I started to believe again. Within two weeks, my circumstances changed dramatically which led to a clean departure from my past with love and forgiveness. This was truly a loving, marvelous and transformational experience.”

“Nancy has done several personal clearings for me and cleared my company’s office and my home. It is amazing the difference it makes in creating a feeling of calmness and balance. For me, it’s been a reset of my thinking, my feelings, and my actions, and I’ve experienced positive results literally immediately.”

“I had really been turned inside myself for more than five years after experiencing loss after loss. When Nancy cleared my house, it was an extraordinary blessing. Everything changed. I began to rebrand my business, I began dating for the first time in over a decade, I began reaching out into my new community and meeting people. It was nothing short of an entirely new beginning − and a true miracle for me.”

As you can see, clearing can have profound and life altering affects for people. If you’re interested in learning more, I invite you to join me and celebrated author Jean Haner for a workshop on personal clearing in Austin, TX November 2-3, 2019. This is a great way to dip your toe into clearing and become empowered to use this amazing tool for yourself and loved ones. Or, if you’re feeling ready to go deeper, please join us in Santa Cruz, CA at 1440 Multiversity August 4-9, 2019, for an amazing deep-dive into personal, space, and ancestral clearing.