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Every space holds an energy from what people in it have thought, felt and experienced. It’s like a thick layer of house dust, permeating every corner of your life and affecting how you feel and thrive.

Space clearing brings the energy of a home or business back into balance by removing stuck or stagnant energy and any emotional residue from former occupants or your own life experiences in the space. It also addresses stresses in the earth and the effects of technology that may be adversely affecting you. When there is clear and balanced energy moving through your environment, life flows more smoothly and you feel nourished and supported.

If you want to create an environment that can support you or your business fully, or you’re experiencing difficulties with clutter, feeling off or not connected to your space, health or relationship issues, problems with neighbors, an unwanted ghost, or selling your home, space clearing can help.


•    Creates a balanced environment that can nourish and support you fully
•    Releases stuck or stagnant energy which may be blocking you
•    Creates new possibilities for change and growth
•    Brings a sense of peace and joy to your environment
•    Reduces stress and supports greater health and vitality
•    Helps you more easily sell or find a new home or business location

Space clearing is a subtle but very powerful process. During a space clearing Nancy connects with the energy of the space and those living or working in it to release stuck or stagnant energy, bringing vitality and balance back into place.

Space clearing for your home or business can be done in person, or remotely with a personal phone or Skype call afterward to review the clearing. Each space clearing includes a personal clearing for everyone who lives or works there to harmonize their energy with the newly balanced energy of the space.

If you are selling a home or business, space clearing can provide a clean slate to make the space as attractive as possible to buyers while removing blockages that might impede the sale.

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What Clients are Saying »
“Working with Nancy has been an incredible experience. She immediately picked up on our home’s energy and put everything back into balance. Listening to her insight on each of our family members was absolutely amazing! She had perfect clarity on even the tiniest personality traits − I was blown away with her accuracy.”
“Nancy helped me get rid of an unwanted guest and helped me bring peace and order back into my home. I’m so thankful for that!”
“Soon after Nancy cleared our home and family, things began to flow our way in a positive manner. Several new clients called wanting to commission work and we got a thumbs-up to begin building our home. We have been humbled and thankful for having Nancy give such valuable advice, guidance and restoration to our home and family. I would highly recommend Nancy to anyone wanting a fresh start on life.”
“Moving into a 40-year-old home, there were certain areas that became breeding grounds for conflict with our family. My husband and I couldn’t quite figure it out and chalked it up to the stress of a move. After many months with increased conflict, we had someone recommend looking into space clearing. Nancy came to help us. She was amazing, she really took the time to rebalance the energy in the home and clear out some old energy that needed to move along. After our session a few days later everything felt completely different and within a month those perpetual conflicts resolved.”
“Household harmony starts at the foundation of the home and trickles throughout the individuals within the family. We knew something was off in our home, but really didn’t know what to do. Nancy was able to help us create a home environment that just felt good when you walked through our door.”
“Nancy has done several personal clearings for me, and cleared my company’s office and my home. It is amazing the difference it makes in creating a feeling of calmness and balance. For me, it’s been a ‘reset’ of my thinking, my feelings, and my actions, and I’ve experienced positive results literally immediately.”
“Since Nancy’s consult we’ve noticed that business for both of us has gotten much better, and our health issues have decreased dramatically.”