“Working with Nancy has been an incredible experience. She immediately picked up on our home’s energy and put everything back into balance. Listening to her insight on each of our family members was absolutely amazing! She had perfect clarity on even the tiniest personality traits − I was blown away with her accuracy. Soon after Nancy cleared our home and family things began to flow our way in a positive manner. Several new clients called wanting to commission work and we got a thumbs-up to begin building our home. We have been humbled and thankful for having Nancy give such valuable advice, guidance and restoration to our home and family. I would highly recommend Nancy to anyone wanting a fresh start on life.”
“I had really been turned inside myself for more than five years after experiencing loss after loss. When Nancy cleared my house, it was an extraordinary blessing. Everything changed. I began to rebrand my business, I began dating for the first time in over a decade, I began reaching out into my new community and meeting people. It was nothing short of an entirely new beginning − and a true miracle for me.”
“Household harmony starts at the foundation of the home and trickles throughout the individuals within the family. We knew something was off in our home, but really didn’t know what to do. Nancy was able to help us create a home environment that just felt good when you walked through our door. With her expertise in feng shui, she helped us adjust some minimal items that brought tremendous benefit and harmony to our home.”
“Nancy has done several personal clearings for me, and cleared my company’s office and my home. It is amazing the difference it makes in creating a feeling of calmness and balance. For me, it’s been a ‘reset’ of my thinking, my feelings, and my actions, and I’ve experienced positive results literally immediately.”
“I am so pleased to be able to recommend Nancy’s intuitive work. An intuitive myself, I sometimes need clarification or reinforcement of my own guidance. Nancy is my default intuitive. Recently I was in a rough situation and couldn’t get clear no matter what I did. Nancy’s guidance was instant, spot-on, and so accurate that I knew immediately what to do. I was so grateful.”
“Nancy helped me get rid of an unwanted guest and helped me bring peace and order back into my home. I’m so thankful for that!”
“Moving into a 40-year-old home, there were certain areas that became breeding grounds for conflict with our family. My husband and I couldn’t quite figure it out and chalked it up to the stress of a move. After many months with increased conflict, we had someone recommend looking into space clearing, but as a professional engineer my husband thought ‘space clearing’ was not real − how could it be when you cannot see it or touch it? After convincing him to try, Nancy came to help us. She was amazing, she really took the time to rebalance the energy in the home and clear out some old energy that needed to move along. After our session a few days later everything felt completely different and within a month those perpetual conflicts resolved. Now my engineering husband wants Nancy to work with him on every inch of our home and balance & clear the space in his professional work environment. Her services provided significant impact to how our home and family functions.”

“I requested a feng shui analysis of my home by Nancy and I never imagined how thorough it would be. Nancy is professional, highly qualified, wonderfully personable, and chock full of information that that can be positively life-changing! Her extensive knowledge and background makes her one of a kind in her field of expertise and I highly recommend her services.”

“Nancy has feng shui’d and cleared three of my homes. What a difference in ease of flow and wellbeing. I simply can’t imagine purchasing a home that she has not evaluated or cleared. It is so much nicer this way!”
“Ever since our personal clearings with Nancy, my husband and I have had a much more calm and harmonious relationship. It feels as if the last 8 years of all the marital ups and downs have been washed away and we are more and more in love every day.”
“Nancy feng shui’d our home at a time when we were having both financial and health issues. We learned that an unused area of our office had a fabulous financial combination. This may sound utterly improbable, but literally one week after the changes Nancy recommended were made we received a phone call that eventually led to an almost million dollar deal for my husband. I will never buy or live in a home again that has not first been screened by Nancy.”
“I’ve been struggling with eating properly and keeping my blood sugar balanced. After my first clearing, things finally clicked for me and made sense. I started eating the way I should and my blood sugar levels have been so much more balanced – to the extent that my doctor keeps asking me what I’m doing.”
“The first time Nancy did space clearing for me it was because I had called her and told her my new house felt very ‘off.’ I knew the feng shui was good so I just could not figure out why it felt so off. She explained space clearing to me and it made perfect sense so it was decided she was going to clear the house. I had no idea when she was planning to do it, as she was clearing remotely. One evening I was at a party and some friends insisted on going to see my new house. I warned them it was not clean and not fully decorated but they insisted. When we walked in that evening I remember thinking my house felt very clean, even though I knew it wasn’t. I couldn’t figure it out but it really did feel clean! Nancy called the next day and told me she had finished clearing my house the previous evening. I told her the story about how I had come home that evening and it just felt so clean! I was hooked at that point! Nancy is very gifted at what she does and I feel so fortunate to have found her!”
“When my husband and I got married and moved into our first home together we felt unsettled and overwhelmed. After an “emergency” feng shui consult with Nancy our home felt much more comfortable and we were definitely arguing less!”
“Since Nancy’s consult we’ve noticed that business for both of us has gotten much better, and our health issues have decreased dramatically.”
“From the moment we brought our son home from the hospital we were thrown into a slew of worsening breathing issues. Working with our traditional doctors we saw little improvement and were left searching for help. After one day working with Nancy to adjust some key furniture layout and design alignment in his room, his constant nighttime breathing issues tremendously subsided and within a month he was a different child. After that experience I am a strong believer in investing in the balance of your home, especially bedrooms where you spend a large portion of the day. If those areas do not bring your renewed energy and zen, then you need Nancy!”
“Within a month of Nancy’s consultation I was hitting and even surpassing my already lofty goals for business profits.”