Personal energy clearing is a powerful way to help you live your life in the most vibrant way with clarity and focus.

Every experience you have is stored as a memory in your energy field and affects how you live and experience your life. A personal clearing gently releases old patterns, energetic imbalances, stressors and blockages, opening new possibilities for greater joy, abundance, health and balance in your life.

If you’re dealing with stress, health or relationship issues, feeling stuck or having trouble reaching your goals, or grieving the loss of a loved one or pet, energy clearing can help.

“Nancy has done several personal clearings for me. It is amazing the difference it makes in creating a feeling of calmness and balance. For me, it’s been a reset of my thinking, my feelings, and my actions, and I experienced positive results literally immediately.”
“Ever since our personal clearings with Nancy, my husband and I have had a much more calm and harmonious relationship. It feels as if the last 8 years of all the marital ups and downs have been washed away and we are more and more in love every day.”
“Within a month of Nancy’s consult I was hitting and even surpassing my already lofty goals for business profits.”
“I am so pleased to be able to recommend Nancy’s intuitive work. An intuitive myself, I sometimes need clarification or reinforcement of my own guidance. Nancy is my default intuitive. Recently I was in a rough situation and couldn’t get clear no matter what I did. Nancy’s guidance was instant, spot-on, and so accurate that I knew immediately what to do. I was so grateful.”
“Since Nancy’s consult we’ve noticed that business for both of us has gotten much better and our health issues have decreased dramatically.”


  • Empowers you to move beyond the stuck places in your life
  • Opens new possibilities for achieving your goals
  • Brings a sense of calmness and joy to your everyday life
  • Creates new possibilities for change and growth
  • Reduces stress and supports greater health and vitality
  • Releases issues inherited from family lineage

Personal clearings can be done in person or remotely via phone or Zoom. During a personal clearing, Nancy connects with your energy field and, as you speak together, clears your energy in a gentle but very powerful way.
Many people experience shifts in their energy during a clearing and just one session can bring significant change, either immediately or more subtly over time. However, people that do a series of clearings often see the most progress. The first clearing releases stress and issues from your past, while the next ones build upon that progress, accessing deeper layers that come to the surface as things release.

Most people start with three sessions over a three-month period, but the sequence can be tailored to your preference. People additionally often schedule regular clearings (e.g., one per quarter or twice a year) to refresh and renew, keeping things on track.