Using the tools of energy clearing, feng shui, and intuitive guidance, Nancy helps her clients create vitality, prosperity, peace, and joy in every aspect of their lives.

Energy clearing brings a person, home or business back into balance by removing stuck or stagnant energy. Combined with feng shui, an ancient Chinese practice that harmonizes the elements around and within a home or business, these tools create a positive, synergistic flow of energy that empower people to:

  • Release old patterns and stress
  • Embrace new possibilities
  • Manifest abundantly
  • Improve relationships
  • Gain health and vitality
  • Reclaim your personal power
  • Revitalize and embrace your soul’s purpose
“Since Nancy’s consult we’ve noticed that business for both of us has gotten much better and our health issues have decreased dramatically.”
“Ever since our personal clearings with Nancy, my husband and I have had a much more calm and harmonious relationship. It feels as if the last 8 years of all the marital ups and downs have been washed away and we are more and more in love every day.”
“Working with Nancy has been an incredible experience. She immediately picked up on our home’s energy and put everything back into balance. Listening to her insight on each of our family members was absolutely amazing! She had perfect clarity on even the tiniest personality traits − I was blown away with her accuracy.”
“Soon after Nancy cleared our home and family things began to flow our way in a positive manner. Several new clients called wanting to commission work and we got a thumbs-up to begin building our home. We have been humbled and thankful for having Nancy give such valuable advice, guidance and restoration to our home and family. I would highly recommend Nancy to anyone wanting a fresh start on life.”
“Nancy has done several personal clearings for me and cleared my company’s office and my home. It is amazing the difference it makes in creating a feeling of calmness and balance. For me, it’s been a reset of my thinking, my feelings, and my actions, and I experienced positive results literally immediately.”


I love energy clearing because it helps people in such a powerful way. But, I’ve found that doing a clearing here and there, while impactful, isn’t enough for someone to transform their life. So, I’ve created a 3-month intensive program to do just that: Create the Life You Really Want – Manifesting Joyful Transformation and Abundance with Ease!

This program is powerful, because it not only uses the power of energy clearing, but also tools such as the 9-Star Ki (a very insightful form of astrology), Oracle cards, feng shui, and ways to build your intuition, manage your boundaries, and more. Doing this over a 3-month period allows us to really go deep and focus on what is holding you back. If you’re looking to make some real progress in your life, then this is the program for you!

If you’re interested in learning more about the program, please schedule a free assessment. During this 1 hour call we’ll dive into the changes you’d like to make, how the program works, and if it’s a good match for you.