Mercury went into retrograde on Tuesday and will remain so until 9/21, which creates a three-week period when it’s a good idea to avoid making important decisions, remain flexible, and go with the flow.

Mercury rules communication, clear thinking and travel, so when it goes retrograde (which means it looks as though it’s going backwards in the sky), things can get a little crazy around negotiations, mechanical or electrical issues, and travel. It can be as simple as a minor travel delay, or as complicated as a computer failure – and everything in between.

Mercury in Retrograde

Some people feel Mercury in retrograde more intensely than others, but generally it’s a good idea to put off handling any legal issues, paperwork, or big decisions, and to double check any information you receive as we don’t always have clear communication while Mercury is in retrograde. Keep in mind that if you feel pressured to get something done, that’s a red flag. Astrologist Pam Younghans says, “We tend to make the most mistakes when we feel pressured by time — and with Mercury retrograde, we will likely need to redo later whatever we’ve done, if we succumb to that pressure.”

Lest you be concerned, if you started a negotiation or decision-making process before Mercury went into retrograde it will likely be fine. Just be prepared that you might have to be a little more patient than usual as delays may occur, and you certainly want to make sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to the details.

An upside to Mercury in retrograde however, is that’s it’s an excellent period to go within, review decisions you’ve made, clear out any clutter that might be lingering, set better boundaries, and in general eliminate what has become unnecessary or doesn’t serve you. It’s also a great time to finish any projects you might have started or tie up loose ends.

In case you’re wondering, Mercury goes into retrograde about four times a year and we have one more after this one, December 20th through January 9th.