There’s no doubt, we are living in uncertain times. Case in point, COVID-19, the U.S. presidential election, stock market fluctuations, the recent fires in Australia – you get the idea.

Many, many people are living in a perpetual state of fear from these and other things happening all around the world.

As a collective, we are all experiencing some form of worry or stress about what’s going on around us.

And the media, for the most part, is right in lockstep with it, perpetuating everything that’s wrong with the world with very little focus on what’s right. But, does this really serve us? If we are isolating ourselves, hiding out from the world and/or in a state of constant fear, from what source are we creating our reality? And even worse, what will we create?

Hint, thoughts are energy, and if you’re immersed in negativity, worry or fear, you are telling the universe you want more of it. No thanks!

We are all being called to make a radical shift in our consciousness, our very essence, in order to create the reality that we want – both personally and on a larger scale. Simon and Jennifer of Raising Vibrations likens this to an energetic dance, a specific beat that we’ve been dancing to for a very long time. Lately, however, the beat is changing, and our old timeworn dance steps and patterns no longer work. Some of us are making the shift effortlessly while others are struggling to find their balance and flow. That seems pretty spot on given what’s happening in the world right now.

“There is a secret to this new dance, a way to join the flow. The secret is to let go of the old way and forget the old dance, this one works differently. This one asks you to surrender to each step. It asks you to trust where it is taking you. The moves cannot be learned or memorised. To tune into this new dance you must feel what moves you. You must tune into yourself and only flow with what your inner being resonates to, to the truth that pulsates through your veins and to the spirit that moves you. There are many different rhythms, sounds and directions but there is one that is for you…and this can only be recognised from within you. Only you can know when to move fast or slowly, when to change direction and when to rise and fall. Your body knows the rhythm that it was created for. It knows how to embody the flow and what moves it. Watch the beauty. Become a witness but don’t interfere, the steps must reveal themselves as they arrive. That’s the secret.”

Cool, right? But hearing the voice of our inner guidance and/or trusting it is sometimes easier said than done, particularly when the world is just so darn loud. Life can show up as a cacophony of sound and experiences through which we must swim, and it can often feel as though we are sinking rather than making headway to our destination. This is where we need to turn to our spiritual compass, the Source from which we co-create our reality.

Gratitude is one part of the lifeline here. When we take the time to consciously identify what we are grateful for, each and every day, we cannot help but raise our vibration, literally raise ourselves out of the muck of negativity and pessimism. I’m not talking about looking at life with rose-colored glasses. What I mean is no matter how many things are going wrong in your life or the world, no matter how dire the circumstances, there is always something you can identify as a positive, even if it is something small. And the more you focus on what is working and being thankful for it, you are communicating to the universe that you want more of it – and that goes for you personally, as well as the collective.

The other part of the lifeline is your direct communication with Source (or Spirit, God, the Divine, etc. – whichever term suits you best). In her brilliant book, The Audacity to Be Queen: The Unapologetic Art of Dreaming Big and Manifesting Your Most Fabulous Life, Gina DeVee talks about how spirituality is a superpower – we all have a direct conduit to Source and the way to tap into this is through simple conversation.

“With Spirit on your side, you’ll no longer doubt your capabilities or your destiny to live the epic life. Wherever you’re at on your journey, your one-of-a-kind purpose is an indestructible force within you. Though it’s been suppressed, trapped in endless to-do lists, and locked up in the mediocre and limited thinking of the world, it only needs to be reconnected with the unlimited nature of Spirit to thrive.”

I like this perspective because it holds true to my belief that we are always divinely directed and divinely protected even though it may not be obvious. Yes, the world (sometimes) looks like it’s falling apart around our ears, but we can purposely choose to observe the chaos rather than get lost in it and hold a conscious intent for things to improve both personally and collectively. The active practice of acknowledging what is working and giving thanks while continually conversing with Spirit are the lifelines that will help anchor and ground us while the storm rages.

I leave you with this affirmation from Moon Omens: “I trust that everything is happening for me exactly how and when it should. I no longer rush or force anything. I surrender, I flow, and I know that I am always divinely guided and protected.”

And so, it is.

P.S. – If you are lost in the waves of fear around what’s going on in the world and find it hard to set aside consider having some energy clearing done. This is a powerful way to release stress, anxiety and worry, bringing you back into balance and grounded. This powerful tool can also be used to support someone who is sick. Even though this isn’t a guaranteed “cure,” when people who are sick get cleared they often see their symptoms resolve much more quickly and easily. The adverse effects of the medication can also be cleared, eliminating the load upon the physical body which sometimes can be just as bad as the illness. If you want to learn more, click here or reach out to me at