Entrainment (pronounced: “ehn – TRAIN – mint”), is a principle of physics defined as the tendency for two oscillating bodies or rhythmic cycles to become synchronized so they can vibrate together in harmony. Entrainment is everywhere – in chemistry, neurology, biology, astronomy, and more. In fact, we entrain or align to the rhythms around us all the time, although we are usually not aware of it.

Entrainment was first identified by a Dutch physicist, Christiann Huygens. In 1665 he discovered that when clocks with pendulums were put in a room together and set in motion, by the next day the pendulums swayed in perfect synchronicity. The same is evident in the synchronized illumination of fireflies or birds who fly in perfect alignment and timed beats of their wings. Or, consider a classic example of entrainment – women work or room together – over time their menstrual cycles align to each other.

So, what does entrainment have to do with clearing? Well, you are both a receiver and transmitter of energy, and you change in response to what is vibrating around you. In fact, the relationship between external rhythms and your own inner ones is inseparable. Think of it this way, if you’re stuck in traffic or listening to loud music, your heart rate and breathing will automatically sync with it, and more than likely become a little higher. The same is true for listening to peaceful music or sitting in a quiet place – your heart rate and breathing will also sync to it and become lower to harmonize with the environment.

At the beginning of a clearing, the frequency or vibration of both people participating in it is different. As it progresses, one frequency slows down while the other speeds up until they are in resonance. This is important for a few reasons. First, the synchronicity or resonance that occurs is important to set the stage, so to speak, to allow the exchange of energetic information. The person conducting the clearing is holding a particular vibration for the other that allows things to open up, shift and move, and ultimately, release and return to balance.

Just as important, as things are released there is no “charge” around them because the emotions or feelings that arise don’t belong to the person doing the clearing. It’s totally different than their own experience or pain, so they don’t have a reaction. You are entrained to their system, which just sees it all as information and can let it go. This ensures that the person doing the clearing is totally present and holding the energetic space where things are occurring, instead of being pulled away or getting lost in an emotion, feeling or something else. Hail to the power of entrainment!