Today I’m sharing some key feng shui tips to make 2020 even better!

Each year in early February the qi (energy) shifts, bringing both good fortune and potential issues. If we pay attention to what’s needed to harmonize specific locations in our homes or businesses we can ensure that we’ll reap the benefits of the auspicious qi and lessen the potential of misfortune. Let’s break it down.

Beneficial Qi

This year there are several stars that bring supportive and beneficial qi that we can tap into:

Victory Star:  Located in the Northeast this year, the Victory Star supports relationships and career success. This is a good location to make phone calls or conduct affairs related to business. This year it’s a good idea to bring in metal element to help things flow more harmoniously which can be done by adding splashes of metal element color (white, grey and metallics) and/or round objects.

Note:  when this blog post was first published, I said the Victory star was in the Northwest – a typo, sorry – as it resides in the Northeast this year!

Peach Blossom Star:  The Peach Blossom Star can bring luck to affairs of the heart and relationships. It can also enhance academic efforts, making it a great area to study in. Located in the Southwest this year, brighten this sector with beautiful flowers but do avoid bringing in any additional fire element (reds, orange, purple, pink and triangular shapes).

Heavenly and Prosperity Stars:  Located in the Southeast and Northwest this year, both of these stars bring beneficial qi for travels, windfalls, support from others, overall happiness and wealth. Quite an impact! To support the qi in each of these locations add fire element (reds, orange, purple, pink and triangular shapes).

Future Prosperity Star:  This is a lovely star that can bring news of happy events. Located in West this year, it’s a great place to conduct joyful occasions such as parties and celebrations. Nothing is needed to harmonize the qi this year, so just enjoy all it has to offer.

Untimely Qi

Now for the less beneficial qi. Each year there are five areas that are essential to address because to ignore them is to invite varying degrees of misfortune such as illness, loss of wealth, and problems in relationships.

Annual 5 Yellow (Wu Wang):  The Annual 5 Yellow is located in the East this year and is the most important direction to pay attention to as ignoring it can invite financial chaos, personal disasters and difficulties. This is an area that should be kept quiet and undisturbed as much as possible. Incorporate metal element (white, grey and metallic colors and round objects) to minimize its effect.

Three Killings (San Sha), Sui Poi, and the Sickness Star: These are located in in the South this year making it an unfavorable direction. If this area is disturbed it can impact finances, health, concentration and communication, not to mention putting obstacles in your path! It’s important to avoid digging or loud noises in this area and sitting with your back to the South for long periods of time. Be sure to limit usage of Wood element (greens and rectangular shapes) and Fire element (reds, orange, purple and pink and triangular shapes).

Tai Sui (aka Grand Duke): The Grand Duke is in the North this year. Ensure that this location stays quiet and undisturbed and avoid doing any kind of renovation or repairs that cause a lot of noise in this area unless you are renovating an entire structure. It’s also important to not face North for long periods of time either sitting or sleeping. As the Grand Duke represents authority, it is ideal to arrange your furniture so that his energy is behind you.

Now, this all does sound a bit doom and gloom, so I want to emphasize that it’s important to not get worked up about the less favorable directions. Address what you can and don’t worry about the rest. If you can only manage one aspect of what I’ve recommended then you’re one step ahead.

Consider that keeping things quiet and undisturbed is a core theme for each of these less beneficial locations. This includes (but isn’t limited to) loudly opening and closing main doors in the South, North and East, doing something that creates loud or disruptive noises in these areas, digging into the earth such as installing swimming pool or a well, doing renovations or installing things like a deck or windows. Gardening using a trowel, for example, is fine as is listening to music or the television on softer volume in these areas.

Because these are general recommendations, if you find yourself needing more clarity or specific direction consider having a feng shui consult done. I happen to know just the very gal for the job! 😉

Here’s to an amazing year!

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