Create Harmony and Balance at Home or Work

Today I’m sharing some key feng shui tips to make 2020 even better! Each year in early February the qi (energy) shifts, bringing both good fortune and potential issues. If we pay attention to what [...]

2020 – The Year of the Metal Rat

The Chinese New Year is on January 25th and 2020 is represented by the Metal Rat, which is the beginning of a new 12-year cycle. So, the intentions that you create now, as well as the foundational [...]

The Art of Writing Powerful Intentions

Intention is the starting point of every dream. It is the creative power that fulfills all of our needs, whether for money, relationships, spiritual awakening, or love. – Deepak Chopra The premise [...]

The Power of Energy Clearing

We are open systems in constant communication with the invisible world around us. Our thoughts, emotions, and physiology are all far more affected than we realize by the subtle vibrations of the peop [...]

The Legacy of Our Ancestors

"Like silt deposited on the cogs of a finely tuned machine after the seawater of a tsunami recedes, our experiences, and those of our forebears, are never gone, even if they have been forgotten. They [...]

Be The Change

As we enter this new year, I’m struck by the many heightened emotions each of us seem to carry. Riding the coattails of a tumultuous election and great change in the world, people seem to be inspired [...]

A Ghostly Tale

"There is certainly a world beyond our normal consciousness from which neither space nor time divides us, but only the barrier of our sense-perceptions….this threshold is not immovable.” – William F. [...]

Mercury in Retrograde – Oh My!

Mercury went into retrograde on Tuesday and will remain so until 9/21, which creates a three-week period when it’s a good idea to avoid making important decisions, remain flexible, and go with the fl [...]

Are You A Highly Sensitive Person?

I have been an open book my whole life – and by that I mean, literally open to everyone and everything around me. For most of my life I didn’t have any understanding of how to check or restrict the on [...]