As we enter this new year, I’m struck by the many heightened emotions each of us seem to carry. Riding the coattails of a tumultuous election and great change in the world, people seem to be inspired and hopeful for positive change, or consumed by the rhetoric and in despair of what may become. Either way, I see people who are polarized. The reality is, however, that we are a collective consciousness. There is no “they” or “them,” there is only us. We are an energetic web of individuals intimately connected on a global level. Thinking of ourselves as separate and disconnected is simply not true.

With that comes great responsibility – we all share in the creation of our experience of this world. So I say to you, be the change you want to see in the world. Rather than trying to control that which is not within our reach, what are you doing each and every day to embody the way you want the world to be? What example will you show your children of how to live with compassion and love in times of great change? What kind word do you have for the stressed out co-worker? What small act of kindness can you show someone who has lost their way?

This may be a fairly simplistic viewpoint but I think it bears mentioning. There is so much we cannot control and I believe so many of us feel incapable of effecting change, or in despair that it will not happen, and that thinking leads to shadow, ruin, and isolation. Instead, choosing to be the change we want to see in the world puts each of us the driver’s seat. We choose to lead with the power of our thoughts and words, to see people in a positive and compassionate light. With each connection we make, each positive step, we effect change. And like the ripples on a pond, each effort swells and grows – and we don’t really know how far it may reach.

So my wish and hope for all of us this year is for great love, prosperity, hope and positive change. Shine your light brightly in this world, even when things may appear to be grim. Be the change you want to see in the world. Blessings.