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Highly intuitive and empathic, Nancy is able to sense and work with the energy fields of people and their environments to enable deep and effective change.

She is passionately committed to empowering people to realize greater abundance, balance, vitality, and joy in every aspect of their lives.

Nancy has studied and worked with energy for more than 20 years. As a former marketing professional she brings a unique perspective to her intuitive work, allowing her to compassionately connect with individuals and teams to create synchronicities, release limiting patterns, and manifest personal and professional success.

Based in Austin, TX Nancy works with individuals, couples, families, companies, and professional organizations in person and remotely. She is a certified practitioner of personal and space energy clearing through Jean Haner’s Clear Home, Clear Heart program, and a certified Feng Shui practitioner of the Feng Shui Research Center.

“Working with Nancy has been an incredible experience. She immediately picked up on our home’s energy and put everything back into balance. Listening to her insight on each of our family members was absolutely amazing! She had perfect clarity on even the tiniest personality traits − I was blown away with her accuracy.”
“Nancy has feng shui’d and cleared three of my homes. What a difference in ease of flow and wellbeing. I simply can’t imagine purchasing a home that she has not evaluated or cleared. It is so much nicer this way!”
“As an intuitive myself, I sometimes need clarification or reinforcement of my own guidance. Nancy is my default intuitive. Recently I was in a rough situation and couldn’t get clear no matter what I did. Nancy’s guidance was instant, spot-on, and so accurate that I knew immediately what to do. I was so grateful.”
“Household harmony starts at the foundation of the home and trickles throughout the individuals within the family. We knew something was off in our home, but really didn’t know what to do. Nancy was able to help us create a home environment that just felt good when you walked through our door.”
“Since Nancy’s consult we’ve noticed that business for both of us has gotten much better, and our health issues have decreased dramatically.”
“Ever since our personal clearings with Nancy, my husband and I have had a much more calm and harmonious relationship. It feels as if the last eight years of all the marital ups and downs have been washed away and we are more and more in love every day.”