The Chinese New Year is on January 25th and 2020 is represented by the Metal Rat, which is the beginning of a new 12-year cycle.

So, the intentions that you create now, as well as the foundational elements you put in place, will have a significant impact. 2020 has the potential to be an excellent year for success and opportunity if you approach decisions with careful consideration.

To understand the influence of the Metal Rat year, let’s start by looking at the elements it represents: Metal and Water.

The Influence of Metal

Metal element represents the season of late fall, a time when you look outside, and the trees have lost their leaves. This is a time of letting go. We may look back and celebrate our achievements but there may be some regret as well.

The time of life is old age, when you’ve learned so much in life and are respected for it. It represents accumulated wisdom which we can use moving forward into our lives.

The emotions metal represents are inspiration and grief. When metal is in balance it is righteous (the good kind), and it embodies inner strength, courage, minimalism, determination, and simplicity. When metal is not in balance it can be jealous and controlling, and express grief, guilt, and forcefulness. Its energy becomes rigid and contracted, leading to lack and limitation.

The Influence of Water

Water element represents the season of winter, when the days are short, and everything is in hibernation. It looks as though things are dead, but this is not so. The seeds are deep in the soil absorbing nutrients before they sprout to life in the spring.

The time of life is pre-birth and after death, where there is a quiet stillness and a flowing energy where everything starts.

The emotions water element is associated with are courage and fear. When water is in balance it is calm, objective, artistic, flexible, reflective and clear. When it is out of balance it can lead to fear and being indecisive, foolish, or irrational. It can also overtake anything in its path – think of the destructive force a flood or tsunami has.

What to Expect

So, what does this all mean? We are likely to experience both the positive and negative qualities of both elements on a personal and global level. We may see people fighting for justice with courage and determination or expressing the less-desirable qualities of rigidity and over-controlling. There is likely to be some letting go of things and even grief or fear that could arise. On the flip side, we can expect to see creativity and artistry abound this year and an emphasis on life purpose and the big picture.

These qualities certainly make for an interesting and potentially turbulent year. It is especially important to remain neutral and objective as much as possible, allowing things to flow as they must rather than tipping into resistance and/or fear.

The Impact of the Rat

The Rat is a clever animal with extremely good adaptive and survival capabilities. It is intelligent, very social, and cooperative when necessary. Rats have succeeded in proliferating despite man’s efforts to contain them, which speaks to a drive for success. These traits will influence this year as well. In terms of our drive for success, are we pushing too hard or do we need to be more aggressive in pursuing our goals? Projects and/or investments are likely to be successful but there is a need to exercise caution and anticipate what lies ahead.

We will need to be shrewd and adaptable this year and focus on having a positive attitude. This is a social year, so being observant of what goes on around us, both personally and in the world, and practicing open-heartedness and non-judgement is essential. On a more tactical note, this is an excellent year to take inventory of what you have, clear up clutter, and recycle or throw out what is no longer useful to you.

A good practice for this year is to stay out of constriction and/or restrictive situations and mindsets. Remember that you have plenty available to you despite any fears or thoughts around scarcity or lack that may arise. Stay in the flow, be objective, and trust that despite the turbulence this year may bring all will be well.

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